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Being away from your kids is hard. Let us give you some peace of mind while you’re away.

Decades of established research demonstrates that learning begins before birth and continues for a lifetime. Here at Rain River Learning Center, we know that life-long learning starts early in childhood, developing the brain and shaping your child’s future relationships and interactions. This is why our team is dedicated to providing your children with an environment that promotes early learning and supports social, emotional and cognitive development. Meeting your child’s needs in these vital areas will foster quality, trusting relationships with adults, caregivers, and peers both now and for the rest of their lives.

At Rain River Learning, we nurture your children’s hearts with activities that encourage strong bodies and minds while also building strong spirits. Our routine is designed to be fun, educational, and inspirational!

Kidding Around Yoga

Life can be stressful, even for children. This is why Rain River Learning Center offers a Kidding Around Yoga program aimed at helping to mitigate stress and calm your kids. With easy-to-follow, body-friendly postures, Kidding Around Yoga will help them stretch out and relax away the negative of impact stress on their growing muscles.

kinder fit kids fitness
Kinder Fit

Rain River Learning Center knows that healthy brains require healthy bodies! Our Kinder Fit program was created with this in mind! Our fun, kid-friendly exercises will get their bodies moving, their blood flowing, and their minds stimulated! Happy hearts, happy heads, happy kids!


There’s nothing more rewarding than watching our little ones learn and grow emotionally. Rain River Learning Center understands the role of nurturing as an essential part of emotional growth. Nurturing opens the heart and mind to needs other than our own, and gardening is a great way to teach children to care about the earth and all of its inhabitants. In our gardening program we get kids back to the earth so they can learn, get dirty, and have fun!


Arts and crafts are a fun, resourceful way to express emotion and self, while simultaneously developing fine motor skills, independent thinking, and imagination. Rain River Learning Center’s broad-spectrum art program offers a wide variety of creative outlets from painting to Play-Doh, and of course, it’s fun!

sensory activities
Sensory Activities

We encourage building with blocks, using Legos, playing with trains, cars, dolls, and more. Play is the name of the game and guided, individual, or group play will be a focal point of the day at Rain River Learning. This is where social skills are developed, and their imaginations are set free.

gymnastics and karate
Gymnastics & Dance

Gymnastics and dance classes are also available during your children’s normal schedules. These classes are run by professionals who come in to do special sessions just for us! So, while you’re at work, they are also enjoying enrichment activities that won’t eat into your weekends and evenings at home with them. (See Parent Resources for pricing.)

STEM learning
STEM Activities

A focus on science, technology, engineering, and math will lay the foundation for the activities we do with pre-k and school-aged classes at Rain River. These projects encourage problem-solving and will help them excel in school later on.


Kids and teachers have specially designed time every day to sit and read together. This valuable circle time will encourage listening skills and instill a lifelong love of reading. So, if you don’t have as much time to read with them at home after work, don’t worry, we have it covered!

outdoor play
Outside Play

Outside time and exploring nature is a critical piece to your child’s well-being and development. Scheduled outside playtimes on our environmentally-friendly plastic-free natural wood playground, and sessions to just roam and explore in a safe, controlled environment will be a daily occurrence. And with so much beautiful weather in Northeast Florida, being outside can be a big part of the day. We may collect rocks and examine them, find caterpillars and observe them together, or just swing and enjoy the sunshine!

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fruit and healthy snacks

Healthy Snacks

Rain River Learning Center serves only kid-friendly foods to keep your kids going, growing, and reaching their goals! Milk, low-sugar juice, fresh fruit and veg, and whole grains are the top fare on our healthy, and delicious, parent-approved menu!*
*While we do not have a stringent food allergen policy, we are dedicated to keeping your children safe and healthy in any and all circumstances. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are here for you!
child learning and using toy camera

IXL – New Media Learning

Since much of contemporary life is powered by computers, Rain River Learning Center offers New Media Learning curriculum, which is designed to help your child become knowledgeable of, and comfortable with, necessary peripheral devices (such as a keyboard and mouse) in a user-friendly, confidence-building atmosphere.
children learning and playing together


Here At Rain River Learning Center, we utilize HighScope Curriculum and COR Advantage Assessments. Also, we proudly offer sign language learning with the world’s leading program for hearing infants and toddlers, Baby Signs Too! Baby Signs Too! is a child-focused language teaching tool specifically designed to help your children communicate their needs more clearly, especially your littlest ones. We also offer a supplemental, Christian-focused curriculum, ABC Jesus Loves Me
all-natural cleaning products

All-Natural Cleaning Products

Here at Rain River Learning Center, we strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for your children. That’s why we use only environmentally friendly cleaning products as well as equipment and furnishings carefully selected to keep our facilities free of harsh chemicals.
BrightWheel #1 platform for early education

Digitally-Connected to You

Rain River Learning Center understands that your children are your most precious investment! This is why we use BrightWheel to keep you up-to-date on daily developments. BrightWheel is a program designed to keep you informed of your child’s daily activities. When you opt into BrightWheel in-classroom notifications, you always know that your investment in the future is being carefully, kindly, and considerately looked after in the present.
girls learning and playing together

Here When You Need Us

Rain River Learning Center is committed to supporting your children and you! With after-school care, tutoring, and homework help, we make sure your family gets the support it needs so that your home time is quality time.*
*While we aren’t currently offering before-school care with drop-off to local schools, we are working toward offering this service in the near future.
children playing outside

Safety Features

Rain River Learning Center is committed to keeping your child safe. Our facilities are fully equipped with sate-of-the-art, (add other benefits such as off-site monitored, hi-def, or audio-enabled), video surveillance. Further, all external doors are fitted with keypad entry.*
*Rain River Learning Center values privacy, so restrooms are not equipped with video monitoring.
child drawing and self expressing

Additional Services

Rain River Learning Center partners with various community services to provide occupational therapy, physical therapy, ABA therapy, and educational trauma counseling. If your child requires these services, please let us know at registration. We will be happy to help meet these unique needs!
*While we aren’t currently offering before-school care with drop-off to local schools, we are working toward offering this service in the near future.
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Rain River Learning Center Programs

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